Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain Flight in Nepal

Travelling by flight in the mountain is known as mountain flight. Mountain Flight is very popular in Nepal as we have innumerable breath-taking views of Himalayas to offer to the tourists of the world. It is especially done by those who have limited time and physically weak but have strong desire to witness the very striking panoramic views of popular mountain including the top of the world, Mount Everest.

Mountain flight usually takes off from Kathmandu in early morning for an hour every day as the weather is clear in the morning and you will be taken to the mountains. The views will certainly be quite astonishing with the first fall of beautiful sunrays on the mountains. During the flight all the passengers are guarrented with the window seats so as to seize the splendid and glorious view of mountains even they are called to be at the cockpit for the more astonishing views.

The close up views of all the eight majestic 8000 meter mountains ranges that stand over other lesser known mountain ranges which nevertheless still stand tall in their own splendour. So, without mountain flight your Nepal trip is supposed to be incomplete...therefore it is strongly recommended.

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1 hour activity over the Himalayan range

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